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Concept God heaven hell Zakir Naik

Concept God heaven hell Zakir Naik.Non Muslim Student asked a Question to Dr Zakir Naik that Islam is a religious of peace and harmony and according to your talks that Islam is favor of scientifically education than how does it believes the idea of God and Heaven or Hell?If Islam is a Rational Religion?

Dr Zakir Replied that today i will prove it by Holy Quran.If any one believe on Islam than it will belive on Quran pak.If any one that is not rational and not believe in science than it will be high chances that they will not believe on Quran pak.Today most of the scientist believe the existence of God.

Concept God heaven hell Zakir Naik

If any one read the Quran than Quran pak 80% dicuss those issues which have been proved by Science like the creation of earth and the shape of the earth etc.Today science is not much more quick and stronger may be tomorrow science will prove about heaven hell and angels etc.

Concept God heaven hell Zakir Naik

Concept God heaven hell Zakir Naik

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