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Dr Zakir Naik Statement Women Rights

Dr Zakir Naik Statement Women Rights.Women’s rights according to Oxford dictionary rights that promote social Equality of women with Men. Islam gave Women their due rights 1400 years ago in Greek civilization women’s were used for sex and pleasures. In Roman civilization reached its speaks a man was even to permitted to even killer wife. When we read Egyptian civilization they considered women as a sign of the devil when we read Arab civilization before the Quran was revealed.

        Dr Zakir Naik Statement Women Rights

Dr Zakir Naik Statement Women’s Rights

Dr Zakir Naik Statement Women Rights

Very often female child was born she was buried alive.Afte the revolution of Quran women got the due rights it uplifted status of women’s rights in Islam should be based on authentic sources of Islam the authentic sources of Islam are the glorious Quran last and final revolution of Almighty Allah and the authentic Hadith so women rights based on QURAN and authentic Hadith.

Men and women in islam are equal Almighty Allah has given.different rules for Men and Women many time but many time identical the differ depending on biological back ground physiological and psychological and physical back ground rights of women’s in Islam into six brood headings spiritual rights of the women’s in Islam,economics rights in Islam social rights in Islam,legal rights of the women’s in Islam,the political rights of the women’s in Islam.

There is a very common misconception specially among the westerns. That in Islam paradise  is only for the male Quran clarified misconception Surah Al Nisa Ch.4:V 124 that if any of you do deeds beat male and female and his faith we will make him lead a good life.Those profession which are prohibited which exhibit the body modeling,acting ,dancing all these profession are prohibited for women as well as the men.Islam gave economic rights rights 1300 years before the western world.

Dr Zakir Naik Statement Women Rights

Dr Zakir Naik Statement Women Rights 

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