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Dr zakir naik Views humanity definition

Dr zakir naik Views humanity definition.During answer and question secession a student asked a question about religion of humanity since you were born may be a Muslim family you were prescribe with your religion now thats why today you are endorsing it maybe ,If you have been gone in a Hindu family it could  possible that today this religion would have been on Hinduism feel it is extreme case of anthony centralism.where in you feel your religion culture believe and ideas that is why you said that Sikhism or Arya smaj whatever religion that abundance idol worship is supported by you too ?

    Dr zakir naik Views humanity definition

Dr replied because i was born in a Muslim family that the  reason  am indorsing islam may be if a born hindu family i would endorsing Hinduism ankh ism and i am supporting arya smaj and hinduism beacuse am juggling around i should speak about other border aspect.You know a Muslim could not be a good muslim unless he is the good human being.

Dr zakir naik Views humanity definition

Dr zakir naik Views humanity definition

8 You are talking about humanity first to said do not us my religion than you a think am indorsing humanity.I am telling you a muslim can not be a muslim until he is the good human being.Quran says  surah Al Nahl ch.16: v. 43 and surah Al Ambiya ch. v 21 : v. 7 you are not student of comparative religion.I challenge you to point out a single teaching of islam which is against to humanity.is I think islam is the most logical the best religion for humanity it is the only religion which has the solution for humanity.ALLAH ALMIGHTY says in QURAN the only religion acceptable in the side of Almighty Allah is islam.The only solution for humanity is Isam.humanity meaning in hindi by zakir naik.humanity quotes by zakir naik.humanity meaning in urdu by zakir naik.define humankind by zakir naik.views of dr zakir naik on humanity.What Does Humanity means by dr zakir naik.

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