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Dr zakir Statement Isamic life insurance

Dr zakir Statement lsamic life insurance.The words Islam come from arabic word which means peace it is aslo from which means to submit your will to Almighty Allah.shortly islam means peace acquired by submitting your will to Almighty Allah and This words occurs in glourious Quran and also several athentic Ahdees.In surah Ale IMRAN ch. 3; v 19 there is a miss conception that a islam is a new religion that came into existence fourteen nine hundred year and Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) was found of this religious.infact islam is they since time in memorial since man foot on the earth and Prophet Muhammad was not founder of islam but he is the and final messenger of Almighty Allah.Allah says in Quran Surah AL Rad ch. 13: v.38 in every age have revealed the book.ALMIGHTY ALLAH has since several revelation but the last and final revolation is the glorious Quran ,which was revealed to the last and final PROPHET MUHAMMAD(PBUH).

Dr zakir Statement lsamic life insurance

Dr zakir Statement lsamic life insurance

Dr zakir Statement lamic life insurance

Allah almighty says in Quran surah faatir ch. 35: v.24 there is not nation or tribe without a Warner having lived anong them in  the past. Prophet MUHAMMAD|( PBUH) sent to the whole humanity. In surah subaa ch.34: v.28 that we have sent the not but as the universal messenger warning them against since, but most of human being yet do not no and Prophet MUHAMMAD said that the all the the previous messenger that came before me, they was sent only Thames people but I have been sent the last and final messenger to the whole of humanity.

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