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Shia Sunni Concept Dr Zakir Naik

Shia Sunni Concept Dr Zakir Naik. During Question and Answer secession a Hindu asked a question to Zakir Naik what is the difference between Sunni and Shia in Islam and why?

Shia Sunni Concept Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik Dr replied that Islam is a religion of peace there  is no Shia and Sunni in the Quran. In the glorious Quran Surah Ale Imran ch. 3: v 103 hold to the rope of  Allah Almighty  strongly and be not divided. We have to follow the Allah Almighty and his Rasool. Follow the Quran and authentic hadith. Allah says in Quran Surah Al Annam ch. 6 : V. 159 if anyone make sect in the religion of Islam Oh Prophet have nothing do with him.There are many Verses making sect prohibited in Islam. In Islam there is no Shia Sunni only Muslim


Shia Sunni Concept Dr Zakir Naik

Shia Sunni Concept Dr Zakir Naik

Muslim is a person who submit his wills to Almighty God.The believe which believe in the Quran and Hadith is correct.The person who believe in the teaching of Quran and the Hadith. Quran says Obey Allah and the Rasool and Who have been given power of Commandment.

The definition of Hindu means a person who live in the land of Indus valley the people who live in India called as Hindu the word Hindu does not any scripture and was first used in Arab.When Arabs comes to India they give that Hindi.When we go to SAUDI they call him Hindi ,it is not religion.By giving reference from Hindu Scripture Zakir Naik said there are two types of scripture one is Shurti and one is Simiti the Purana’s the Itehass if you read the Upanishads of that God there are no images no photograph no painting no pictures no stitches and no ideals and i am giving you guidance.

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