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Zakir naik statement global peace unity

Zakir naik statement global peace unity.There are various  different types of unity.Unity based on blood relationship,unity based on region on race on cast on color but all these unities they are limited there are not global.Religion Islam does not agree that human kind has been divided into different cast and different level.Unity of Muslim ummah  is very important and it involve each and every type of Muslim  in short we learn from history that at the time of Sohabas and after later we found that Muslims are very strong and we ruled to the east from the west from Roam to Persia and never disbeliever ever and how the Muslim strong was in the past but today Muslims are weak we are divided.Muslims

Zakir naik statement global peace unity 

Zakir naik statement global peace unity

Zakir naik statement global peace unity

Quran says all human kind we have created you from single pair of male and female and have divided you into nations and tribes so that you shall recognised each other and not shall despite each other Quran was sent whole for human.In surah ch.14: v 52 and surah Buqarah ch.2: v 185 that the quran has been reaveled for the whole of humanity.Every things belongs to GOD.themp3download.xyz/…/islam-the-solution-for-global-peace-and-unity-dr-zakirnaik….

Dr Zakir naik said Islam speaks about unity and practically demonstrated global unity at least five time in a day.Once year during the hajj in hajj about two and half million people gathered from different parts of the world it is the best example of unity.Islam is the solution to the problem of human kind and a single fundamental of Islam not against humanity of the whole. The Islam is the only religion which bring the peace and unity in the world.Allah says in quran if any one kill any other human being muslim a non muslim as it killed whole humanity


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  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته هذا راط موقع الامام المهدي ناصر محمد اليماني دعوكم للحوار في موقعه الرسمي على هذا الرابط //

  2. منير الرفيد

    المهدي المنتظر يدعو إلى السلام العالمي بين شعوب البشر

  3. Assalamu_alaikum mr zakir naik I have been watching your videos in yotube. Thanks you so much. But dr zakir naik I have alots of questions to you, and I will send it to you by email.

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